Water Sustainability and Conservation is vital to human existence.

Water is one of the core essential and basic necessity; for the life forms-living things on the biosphere, for the natural processes, for the communities, for the society,  for the economy of the country and for on-coming generations. Although the earth’s total water (>71%) is constant, it goes through continuous hydrological cycle such as transpiring by vegetation, evaporation, precipitation, runoff, infiltration and other natural processes. Consequently, the rainfall in any locations may not be same and therefore water shortage is the final outcome.

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The Challenge of Water Shortage

Despite the majority earth being covered with water (97% by oceans), only freshwater (about 3% in which 85% is available as a glacier) is suitable for living organisms including humans. In recent years, water table is facing serious threat due to rapid population increase, industrial and urban development, over usage, climate change, global warming, shrinkage in glaciers in Arctic and Antarctic, natural calamities (shifting of precipitation and reduced snow pack) and negligence of people to use the water in proper way and slow replenishment of natural waters.

Besides, drastic economic expansion, energy demand and shrinkage of replenished waters are point of major concern. Water withdrawals across all sectors including public use (municipal), rural or domestic use, livestock use, irrigation, thermoelectric power generation increased dramatically between 1950 and 2005 in the USA. When compare with few decades during the past, the draught condition in all over the world have been doubled. The rainfall has been changed during the current years and catchment of rainwater is decreasing in several countries. Very recently, with increasing demand of water requirement, preservation of water resources has been increased. It is anticipated that water level may go further down and their necessity may increase more in future. It is utmost necessity for the humans to take care of the water resources, usage pattern and sustainable management/conservation at great importance.

The Challenge for Us

People living in big cities are exposed to cocktails of toxic contaminants due to elevated aquifer/ground water contamination, decrease in the water table, less waste water treatment facilities in developing countries in which industrial development is sky rocketing and therefore replenishment of available freshwater is decreasing. In addition, as it indicated earlier the loss of freshwater by precipitation (evaporation), during incorporation in to the products (e.g., building materials), in the vegetation transpiration, runoff, and evaporation cannot be ignored. Increasing water demands in order to support population and economic growth, environmental natural ecosystems (e.g., wetlands, rivers, lakes and groundwater systems), energy growth and supply shifts expected with climate change.

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